Colebrookdale and Boyertown Police Departments


On June 1st, 2020 the Colebrookdale Township and Boyertown Police Departments will merge, finalizing the creation of the Eastern Berks Regional Police Department. The new department was created by ordinances and an intergovernmental agreement jointly adopted by The Colebrookdale Township Board of Commissioners and Boyertown Borough Council, on December 2, 2019, to replace the police departments of the two municipalities. The new department will be headquartered at the new police station at 16 W. Philadelphia Avenue in Boyertown. Existing telephone numbers for both departments will connect to the new department. Police vehicles, uniforms, and building signs will get a new look along with the new name. But the same officers from the former departments will continue to work together, although now as a single cohesive unit, as they continue to serve Colebrookdale Township and the Boroughs of Boyertown and Bechtelsville, with the same dedication and commitment as in the past. Some of the police vehicles may be re-marked as Eastern Berks Regional prior to June 1st, and some may remain marked as Colebrookdale or Boyertown for a short while following June 1st, because of the logistics involved in transitioning the fleet. A new web site for the new department has been launched and can be viewed at  The merger is an effort to sustain the service the community expects and needs now, and to continue to meet changing needs well into the future, based upon the belief that we can do better together, working with our neighbors. The transition is expected to be seamless, with no interruption in service. Township residents with questions about the merger or police service in the township in general, prior to June 1st, should contact Colebrookdale Township Police Chief F. Richard Drumheller, or Township Manager Cindy Conrad. After June 1st, residents should call Eastern Berks Regional Police Chief Barry Leatherman regarding police matters in the township.

Colebrookdale District Police Department


We have recently seen an increase in phone calls regarding phone scams. We just want to remind everyone of the following:

1. If someone calls claiming to be from the IRS, IT IS A SCAM! The IRS will never call you if you owe them money. They only communicate by certified or regular mail. If you get one of these calls, HANG UP immediately no matter what they tell you and block the number.

2.There is another scam that states your child / grandchild /sibling/ parent has been arrested and you need to pay bail money immediately......this is a scam also. They never give a name just a gender (i.e., grandson, daughter, nephew) Again, hang up and block the number.

3. If someone calls saying that you have money coming to you that you don’t have to pay back, this is also a scam. Do not give them your address, name or any other information.

As a rule of thumb, we encourage everyone to not answer their phone if it is a number you don’t recognize. If it is someone you know they will leave a message. However, sometimes scammers will leave a message......DELETE IT AND IGNORE IT. If you don’t return their call they will remove your number from their list and move on.